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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review - Eye Benders: The Science of Seeing and Believing

Eye Benders: The Science of Seeing and Believing

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About the Book
Kids will be left astounded by this book of crazy optical illusions, and they'll be amazed as they learn the science behind how our brain and eyes work to together to fool us all the time. The fun begins with an engaging look at the biology behind the brain and eyes, complete with cool diagrams and a colorful "map" of the brain. Then they'll get to the core of the illusions, learning why some printed pictures appear to swirl madly on the page, how two colors can appear to be different when they are actually the same, how our eyes can pick out complete images in random pattern, and much more. From color conundrums to plays on perspective, the illusions in this book will leave readers wondering if they can ever really believe what they see.

My Take on the Book
If you enjoy optical illusions and mind/eye puzzles, this is a book for for your enjoyment. The book is filled with not only optical illusions, but also the specific biology behind what happens with your eyes and brain when you see an illusion.

The "blind spot" activities on pages 20-21 were interesting. I was not aware how the blind spot in the back of our eyes affect our vision.

There were other informational entries about the brain, nervous system, and specific parts of your eye.

I know you will enjoy the activities in this book. The explanations are worth taking the time to read too.

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