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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review - Some Birds

Some Birds
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About the Book
If you love to watch birds, learn about common and unusual birds, and want to enrich your child's life with new knowledge about birds, Sylvaine Sanction's photographic book is a great resource for you. She photographed the birds in the New Orleans, LA area in 2011 and 2013. The photographs are beautiful and shows a lot of patience on her part to capture many of the birds' actions.

Sylvaine classifies birds by: ones that fly, beautiful birds, showing birds in love, birds that look mad, birds with big feet, birds that eat fish, and more. She taught me so much about about birds in this children's book. I think you and your child will enjoy reading this story together.

My Take on the Book
With gentle humor and a skilled eye, author and photographer Sylvaine Sancton captures birds of South Louisiana at rest and at play in their natural habitat. Featuring funny and fresh photographs of great blue herons, wood ducks, brown pelicans, black swans, and more, this charming book is for the young and the young at heart. An accessible glossary discusses the habits and habitats of each bird species included in the pages.

In this simple, lovely children’s book, some birds are funny, and some birds are out for a stroll. Some birds are in love, and some birds have small families. Some birds seem a little bit unusual, but these photographs show that all birds are beautiful! Just like people, each bird is special. Unique and touching, this book is a playful introduction to the fauna of the New Orleans area.

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