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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Review - The Optical Illusion Pack

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About the Book
Not only is this incredible kit packed with more than 100 mind-boggling illusions, it also explains the science behind them. Kids will love learning how the brain tricks the eye into seeing what may—or may not—actually be there. Sections explore:

  • Impossible shapes that appear real but are not
  • Static objects that seem to move
  • Camouflage techniques used by animals
  • The magic behind animation
  • 3D images, and more

This fun and unusual pack comes complete with lots of cool accessories to help with the illusions including: 3D glasses, a thaumatrope (for animated illusions), a press-out impossible triangle, plus acetate sheets and spinners for creating vibrating lines and other illusions. A built-in storage pocket secures illusion accessories.

My Take on the Book
Janet Sacks has written the most complete book about optical illusions that I have ever read. She introduces the concept with detailed explanations and then entices you to continue to read more and become involved with the activities.

Janet includes sections on : tricky lines, shapes, judging sizes, color trickery, moving shapes , and more. There is a envelope inside the front cover which holds spinners, 3 D glasses and a moire pattern.

The activities are fun and many are challenging.

If you enjoy optical illusions, you will definitely enjoy reading the book and becoming involved with the activities. It is one the entire family will enjoy.

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