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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Review - Idiot's Guides: Digital Photography

Idiot's Guides: Digital Photography

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About the Book
Idiot's Guides: Digital Photography is the simplest guide to becoming a better photographer and taking better pictures with any basic digital camera or DSLR. Instead of focusing on complicated and quickly outdated topics like gear or retouching software, you'll learn the timeless principles of good photography, the essentials of every camera and lens, and how to use all that knowledge to take the pictures you previously thought were only achievable by professional photographers. You'll learn how to set up every shot, avoid common mistakes, and do more with your pictures through unique and creative digital photography projects. Focused on making people better photographers, this easy-to-understand, full-color guide finally simplifies the process of taking great pictures by focusing on what people really need to know.

My Take on the Book
I have always been the person behind the camera, though I have never really had any formal training. I loved to try new things but could not tell you the difference between an aperture setting and lighting differences among many other things. I have done some reading over the years, but still knew that I needed to learn more. What I loved about this book was that it went step-by-step through basic information and worked its way into more advanced information. What was nice about the book too was that it did not talk down to the reader, but made the information easy to understand and easy to implement. The book also was set up in such a way that it provides you some great information on specific photo settings. I for one learned a ton in this book and I know that anyone interested in photography will too!

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