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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review - The Boy And The Dragon

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About the Book
With amusing rhythm, repetition, and alliteration, author Eric Ode introduces Simon the Wise, Bogsworth the Strong, and Randolph the Brave, who venture across the kingdom determined to vanquish the dragon that has been munching on townsfolk for lunch. The most unlikely band ever to have been knighted is accompanied by the littlest of sidekicks, Small Saul, who tags along with his trusty mandolin.

Small Saul finds himself carrying more than a tune as he travels along with these bumbling, bragging, buffoons. He strums as they walk, providing a marching beat for their thrilling adventure. Over valley and dale, across rivers and mountains, and through the darkest of forests the intrepid heroes journey. The knights’ boasting overpowers Saul’s very small voice of reason and the ensuing exploits are hilarious!

Ode’s engaging poem is well matched with Jim Harris’s colorful and humorous illustrations, the perfect combination for a knightly adventure. This is the second collaboration from this talented team.

My Take on the Book
Eric Ode has written a story that is so much fun to read. It is written in an easy rhythm and rhyme, with word repetition, and alliteration. Jim Harris' illustrations add additional amusement to the situations the characters encounter as they travel to slay the dragon. You will smile at the facial expressions of the characters in the story.

I loved the theme of this story. As Small Saul tags along with three knights who are supposed to be wise, brave and strong, it is Small Saul who uses his wit and brains to get rid of the dragon. Plus he did not have to kill the dragon! This book could become a read aloud favorite for your family. Enjoy!

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