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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review - The Elegance of the Cat

The Elegance of the Cat
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About the Book
They were worshipped as gods by the ancient Egyptians, and down through the centuries they've been admired and kept as pets by cultures all over the world. Enigmatic, aloof, and independent, cats remain to this day the most enthralling of domestic animals. Now, the noted team consisting of animal writer Tamsin Pickeral and award-winning photographer Astrid Harrisson present a richly detailed and sumptuously illustrated history of the cat. Their beautiful new book traces the long, colorful, often tumultuous history of domesticated cats from their glory days in Egypt to the present time. Explored in these pages are:

  • The diverse roles of cats in different cultures
  • The intriguing stories behind more than 50 feline breeds
  • The origins of selective breeding and the history of cat shows

Readers will also take pleasure in wonderful color photos that include candid pictures of the lithe-bodied Abyssinian, the traditional longhaired Balinese, the lop-eared Scottish Fold, the green-eyed Russian Blue with its stunning silver-blue coat, the Tabby, beloved in countless homes as a household pet, and many, many more. Here, in an extraordinarily handsome oversize volume, is a comprehensive reference book and a unique visual experience--an exquisite showcase of cats in all their splendor. Printed throughout in full color, The Elegance of the Cat features approximately 400 gorgeous photos.

My Take on the Book
This is a complete book about cats! I was so impressed with the breadth and depth that this book offers, not only with cat breeds that you know of, but about rare breeds that look completely amazing and are ones that I would love to interact with in person! Not only through the descriptions within the book but beyond that to the beautiful images you are brought face-to-face with these breeds and you get to understand their history as well as their personality and unique tendencies. If you are a person who loves cats, this is the ultimate book for you. You will learn so much more that you ever though you could!

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