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Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review - My Name is Leona

Book Review - My Name is Leona
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About the Book
When their parents announced the first names of this summer's IT Baby boy and girl -- George and North -- people had plenty of reactions. Some loved it, others shook their heads. That's because a first name is a parents' gift that remains for a lifetime. Choosing a first name is the theme of an endearing new hardcover children's book, My Name Is Leona. The little girl's quest of finally appreciating her unusual name won the hearts of this year's Mom's Choice Awards' judges, giving the sweetly illustrated book its coveted 2013 Gold rating.

Ever ponder how George and North will react to their name when they enter school? Little Leona, the main character in the debut book by Carol Gahara Harris, doesn't like her name. In fact she doesn't know any of her peers that have the same name. In page after page of lyrical rhymes, Leona realizes that choosing a name for her beloved pets -- a goldfish and a cat -- is a tough task. The name has to be just right.

In that a-ha moment, she asks her parents how "Leona" was chosen as the perfect name for her. Once she learns its meaning and the love behind the name, it becomes ideal, just like her!

My Name Is Leona is now available at the author's website, and at, along with some local Michigan and Texas stores. The book was written with a child’s heart in mind and embraces children’s feelings about this sensitive topic.

My Take on the Book
What is the source of your name? Do you know why your parents gave you the name you are called? Do your children know why you chose the name you did for them?

This is such a nice story for parents and children to read together. It could easily generate a discussion about your name and their names.I believe it is important to know your heritage and often names are derived from a family's history, ethnic background, friends, people admired, and the list can go on and on.

Kim Fujiwara's illustrations show Leona's joy, puzzlement, and thoughtful considerations about names. You will easily see how Kim's illustrations complement the text.

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