Dad of Divas' Reviews: Raid Launches New Pest Control System

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Raid Launches New Pest Control System

Raid Launches New Pest Control System

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As the weather heats up, bugs begin making their way into weather-worn cracks and crevices created from the severe winter weather. Too often, consumers approach pest control as a reactive measure, when there are proactive options to help keep problems from arising. To help consumers solve their bug problems, Raid® is introducing the Raid® Defense System – a regimen of attack, control and prevent products and tips, as well as a suite of online tools. The—features a bug identifier, a product selector and comparison, and expert tips aimed to help general consumers and home owners.

Raid Launches New Pest Control System

My Take on the ProductsI was able to try out the products and was impressed at how fast these products work. With it being summer we always have problems with ants both in and out of the house. The products that I received had a wide mix of products that would help for both of these venues and they were so easy to use. I loved the battery powered ant/insect sprayer as it made it simple to apply around the house to make a barrier around all of our doors. The other problem that we have been having is inside of our house around the food dish for our cats, ants have been invading and we don't know from where. The ant traps were an inconspicuous way to solve our problem and allow us to provide a long lasting ant repellant solution. All-in-all we were VERY impressed with the results and we would be happy to try more products again in the future!

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