Dad of Divas' Reviews: eKids Kermit the Frog Portable Sport Case for iPod Rocks!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

eKids Kermit the Frog Portable Sport Case for iPod Rocks!!

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About the Book
eKids water resistant stereo portable speaker lets you take your Apple iPod anywhere in this rugged protective case. Inside the water resistant case are two dynamic stereo speakers. Your iPod charges when used with switching power supply adaptor, The case includes a built-in external remote control for convenience. The case has an MP3 and CD line in and runs on 4 AA batteries which are not included.


  • Water resistant portable sport case with 2 dynamic speakers for iPod, Shuffle, and MP3 players
  • Headphone jack, MP3, CD line in
  • Charges iPod when used with switching power supply adaptor
  • Requires 4 AA batteries to operate which are not included

My Take on This
As my oldest daughter gets older I have to say that technology becomes that much more important to her. She is always looking for the next BIG thing and ways to take her technology not only with her but to the next level. This product from eKids was great and provided her with the next level that she was looking for. It gave her some great speakers to amp up her tunes while also giving a very cool carrying case for her iPod. It also gave me peace of mind knowing that her iPod was well insulated from falls or other small mishaps that sometimes happen. The product is battery operated, and in using lithium batteries I have found that the batteries last a lot longer and help keep the sound coming for some time. My next try will be to use rechargeable batteries to see how these hold up, but I have yet to do this yet. On top of the great sound and the carrying case capability, I have to mention that my daughter loved that this was Kermit the Frog, as it is one of her favorite characters. I have to commend eKids for using some of the most well known characters out there to bring them to life in a whole different way. All-in-all we have been very impressed with this thus far and look forward to using this throughout the summer ad beyond!

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