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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Deluxe Facilitator's Set

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About the Books

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for College Students

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is a groundbreaking book that combines the concepts of emotional intelligence and leadership in one model—emotionally intelligent leadership (EIL). This important resource offers students a practical guide for developing their EIL capacities and emphasizes that leadership is a learnable skill that is based on developing healthy and effective relationships. Step by step, the authors outline the EIL model (consciousness of context, consciousness of self, and consciousness of others) and explore the twenty-one capacities that define the emotionally intelligent leader.                                                          

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Development Guide

The EILS Development Guide is meant to be used as a companion to the EILS Inventory, which offers a valid and reliable, quantitative and qualitative, self assessment of emotionally intelligent leadership skills. TheEILSDevelopment Guide contains guidance for students who want to develop each of the 21 capacities, including: definitions for each capacity, student quotes, suggested leadership development experiences and activities, suggested further reading and films to watch, other learning opportunities, notable quotes, and reflection questions.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Facilitation and Activity Guide

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students: Facilitation and Activity Guide uses step-by-step instructions for facilitators and instructors to lead students through modularized activities found in the EILS Student Workbook. It can also be used in conjunction with the book Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and/or as follow-up on students' self-assessment using the EILS Inventory. The modularized, timed activities can be taught in any sequence and customized to fit the needs of a curricular or co-curricular program. The guide offers various options and scenarios for using activities in different settings with different time constraints.

My Take on the Book
This book set will make you look at leadership in a whole new way! I loved how instead of the normal leadership text, this book examines emotional intelligence and leadership as this is something that I have not seen in the past and it was sorely needed! The set itself is VERY complete. You not only get the book, but everything else that comes with this set allows you to formulate a great plan for working with students or any group to open their eyes to what emotional intelligence can do to make you a better and a great leader.

The book was easy to read and practical in nature, to the extent that I believe that any student will relate to the situations that are being shared. The additional guides walk the facilitator step-by-step through this book and leadership technique. I found these guides to be very helpful and useful and it leaves very little for interpretation.

The other thing about this set is that it really is geared to work with today's generation of college students. It takes their reliance on technology and helps them to see the importance of leadership as well as the importance of unlocking this potential within themselves.

I highly encourage all who work with college students to examine this new way to teach leadership. It was a refreshing read and is something that I am looking forward to trying with my own students!

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