Dad of Divas' Reviews: Playmobil Mountain Life Transports You!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Playmobil Mountain Life Transports You!

Alpine Lodge
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Alpine Lodge

Take a trip into the mountains and stay at the Alpine Lodge. The cozy lodge has a den furnished with a fireplace, countertop, and eating area, as well as a patio for those wishing to enjoy a meal outdoors. In the loft, there’s a warm place to sleep and a bathroom with toilet and sink. The balcony features gorgeous flowers and a great view of the mountains. Kids will also love the lodge’s barn, filled with animals including goats and cows. Set also includes four adult figures, one child figure, backpacks, walking sticks, playing cards, mattresses, tables with benches and chair, fencing, flowers, and other accessories.

Alpine Festival Procession

Alpine Festival Procession
Take part in the fun and experience the Alpine Festival Procession. Figures in traditional garb and cows with floral headdresses travel down the mountain path in this festive parade. Set includes three figures, cows, calf, goat, and other accessories.

My Take on these Sets
My kids have played with Playmobil sets like these for some time, but I have to say that sets like these just show the amazing, intricate detail that Playmobil puts into each of its' new sets. Both of these sets have amazing detail. You get people with period, cultural dress, small touches like beer taps and wells, toilets with working lids and much more. While my family and I have never been to the mountain country villages that are portrayed here, Playmobil has done a great job at capturing my daughters and my imagination and has encouraged us to want to learn more about these areas. My oldest has already decided that we will go and visit this area of the world (not that she will pay for the trip mind you). All-in-all, both of these sets were wonderful and show Playmobil at its' best. I highly recommend the sets, not only for their quality, but also for the imaginative play that they encourage!

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