Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Minnie Hocus Bow-cus!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Review - Minnie Hocus Bow-cus!

Minnie Hocus Bow-cus!

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About the Book
Minnie is launching her new "Bows are Magical" fashion line and hires Penguini the Magnificent to put on a spectacular magic show. But when Penguini realizes he forgot his lucky bow tie at home, he rushes off to find it, leaving the magic show without a magician! Millie and Melody rehearsed with Penguini, but will they be able to remember all the tricks of the trade and save the day? Find out in this hilarious Level 1 reader!

My Take on the Book
The reading level for this book is appropriate for children in pre-k to first grade. The sentence structure is simple and the illustrations are large and colorful.

Minnie and her helpers, Melody and Millie, stand in for Penguini, the magician , at a magic show. He had to leave to find his magic bow tie. As the girls try to perform magic tricks some funny things occur and Penguini must save the day and the audience. It is a delightful story your young child will enjoy.

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