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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review - Scholastic Discover More: Human Body

Scholastic Discover More: Human Body
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About the Book
A visually stunning reference book about the human body in the expert reader strand.

Anatomy and physiology can be dry, but this definitive reference features amazing, original, and occasionally gross facts that will keep kids captivated. Take an in-depth tour of each region of the body, and learn how it all works. Explore exploded views of body organs, systems, and processes in photorealistic 3-D, all accurate according to the very latest medical research. Learn how your actions and behaviors--from sports and nutrition to emotions and music--affect your body. The free digital companion book, BE A BRAINIAC, is a great brain workout, with online tricks, games, and puzzles and mind-blowing optical illusions!

My Take on the Book
This book has amazing photographs of the human body. There are details I have never viewed before like the eyelash mites that are at the base of everyone's eye lashes but are not harmful to your eyes, You will also view heart strings which link the valves to the muscles.

Not only is there detailed information how your body works, but there are sections about proper eating habits to stay healthy and sections about each of the systems.

I learned so much reading about the various glands in my body and their purpose. Much of this was new information.

So much information! this book will become a great resource book for your entire family.

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