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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Book Review - Mitchell Goes Bowling

Mitchell Goes Bowling
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About the Book
Battle on! Head to the lanes for another hilarious, high-energy story as four-year-old Mitchell and his obliging dad strike a winning deal.

Mitchell liked to knock things down.
That’s just how he rolled.

One Saturday, when Mitchell almost knocks down his dad, his dad catches him and puts him in the car. And when they step into the bowling alley, Mitchell feels right at home. Pizza! Giant crashing noises! Special shoes! But as Mitchell picks up the biggest ball and quickly learns the word gutter, and when Dad does a little kick with his leg and earns a big X on the scoreboard, Mitchell starts to get peevish. How can Mitchell get a chance to do a steamin’-hot-potato-dance too? With wit, warmth, and comedic charm, Hallie Durand and Tony Fucile roll another strike with this tale of a lovably rambunctious child and his doting dad.

My Take on the Book
Hallie Durand's story about Mitchell's first experience going bowling will delight your child and you as you read it. Mitchell is such a typical child bowling for the first time. The thoughts, antics, and facial expressions are precious.

Poor Mitchell becomes frustrated because he cannot make a strike, but his dad has a solution that works. Just like in real life: teamwork makes an event more fun and it could solve problems too.

You will enjoy this story and take your children bowling for a fun family experience.

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