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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Review - Kids Guide to the 50 States

Kids Guide to the 50 States
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About the Book
Here’s a reference your kids will actually want to read! This fully illustrated book for 8–12-year-olds features a fun, easy-to-understand recap of all 50 states, from a Christian perspective. Covering each state’s history, geography, key cities, natural features, and prominent citizens, this Kids’ Guide to the 50 States also highlights important aspects of Christian history—for example, Billy Graham’s original Los Angeles Crusade and the missionary work of John Wesley in Georgia. Throw in state birds, mottoes, and trivia like “Towns with the Funniest Names,” it all makes for a bright, colorful book that your kids will love.

My Take on the Book
The table of contents lists the states according to their entry into the USA. Delaware was the first state in 1787 and Hawaii was the last state in 1959. Washington D.C. was included in the book as well as the inhabited and uninhabited territories of the U.S.

Each state has several pages . There is a list of information about the state and then pages which reflect special features about the state: such as historical sites, famous people, natural areas, etc.

There are beautiful photographs to accompany each state too.

This would be an excellent resource book for your family to have in their library. If you enjoy traveling, I feel it would give you some valuable information about the state you may visit.

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