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Friday, June 20, 2014

Game Review - Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario Golf: World Tour

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Mario Golf: World Tour

About the Game

Go clubbing around the world with Mario. Tee off as your favorite Mario or Mii character while challenging players online. Shoot into warp pipes and dodge piranha plants in Mushroom Kingdom areas or take a shot at the nature-themed courses.

Mario Golf: World Tour

The new Castle Club has both naturalistic and Mario-themed courses, a training area to hone your skills, and a pro shop where you can get unlockable gear and outfits. Test your skills in a gauntlet of course challenges, play with friends locally,** or take on players around the world in online real-time tournaments.

Mario Golf: World Tour

  • Play as your Mii character or as your favorite Mario characters.
  • Trick out your Mii character and get the edge on your competition with outfits and equipment.
  • Use the touch screen and motion sensor to better track and control shots.
  • Create and play in online communities with unique tournament rules.
  • Compete in worldwide tournaments online.
Mario Golf: World Tour

My Take on the Game
If you are a fan of Mario, then you should try this game out! I have been playing Super Mario Bros. games for many years, but have not played a lot of the games outside of the Super Mario Bros. games much in the past. It was a ton of fun to seeing Mario in a whole new way, and whether you wanted to play this game on the easy level, or if you wanted to make it more challenging you could too. You could also be your own Mii, but I preferred to be Mario!

While I am not an expert golfer to any extent, this game was a ton of fun and you really got to have a ton of fun trying to beat your own score and your own expectations. I seemed to get better and better as I played more and more. 

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