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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review - If Kids Ran the World

If Kids Ran the World
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About the Book
Two-time Caldecott Medalists Leo and Diane Dillon show children playfully creating a more generous, peaceful world where everyone shares with others.

All roads lead to kindness in this powerful final collaboration between Leo and Diane Dillon. In a colorful tree house, a rainbow of children determine the most important needs in our complex world, and following spreads present boys and girls happily helping others. Kids bring abundant food to the hungry; medicine and cheer to the sick; safe housing, education, and religious tolerance to all; and our planet is treated with care. Forgiveness and generosity are seen as essential, because kids know how to share, and they understand the power of love.

The book closes with examples of fun ways to help others--along with FDR's "Four Freedoms" and "The Second Bill of Rights," which illuminate these concepts.

A tribute to peace and a celebration of diverse cultures, this last collaboration by the Dillons captures the wondrous joy of all people, and the unique beauty within each one of us shines forth. If kids ran the world, it would be a better place--for grown-ups, too.

My Take on the Book
Leo and Diane Dillon have written and illustrated a story whose content involves both children and adults. The concepts are in our world but most of the time it seems we are not following them. This book makes it clear that children have a kinder sense about them to make sure our world is a wonderful place to live for all humans.

For example: everyone needs food to eat and if you have extra then you need to share it, everyone needs a safe place to live and we should make sure run down buildings are repaired and safe , if someone is ill they should have the medical care they need and kind and smiling people to take care of them, there should be peace on earth, everyone should receive respect and have the right to live their lives. These are just a few of the ideas that relate to the context of this book.

After reading this book, you may ask yourself "why can't we do all these things today". In the book the answer is YES, but everyone needs to take an active part in making our world a more beautiful place for all the people who live here.

I know you will enjoy sharing this book with your child and family.

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