Dad of Divas' Reviews: Luna Star Naturals Offers Quality Makeup For Girls

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Luna Star Naturals Offers Quality Makeup For Girls

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My daughters are definitely girly-girls and love to dress up and at times like you read above we have caught our oldest in a lie about getting into my wife's make-up even though is was plain as day on her face. When this product arrived there was a bit of a argument between two sisters about who got to try it, but in the end it was my eldest that got to try it. I was very impressed with not only the quality of the makeup but also the variety and the colors that were available.

My daughter was ecstatic to try these and she definitely took right to the makeup and dolled herself up. While we limit makeup in our house for our girls (as they are too young to need to have this one a regular basis), having kits like this allow them to have fun and make themselves look different and "pretty" in their words.

Thank you Luna Star for making a kit that my girls loved and I know that it will be used quite heavily for the foreseeable future!

About the Product
Klee Girls is an extension to the popular line for older girls who have outgrown the princess fantasy
world but want equally beautiful and clean makeup for their dance recitals, wedding processions or funspa sessions at sleepovers.

“Which girl hasn’t sneaked into her mom’s room and stolen her makeup? Girls never need makeup to be beautiful, but most of them at some point will become curious about makeup. This is part of growing up and self-expression. We want to make sure there is a safe product they can call their own,” said Rose Casares, general manager of Luna Star Naturals.

Klee Girls’ colorful products range from subtle and natural to bold and shimmery. Each eye shadow and blush comes with useful color and shimmer ratings on the packaging. Use it as a dry powder or apply with a moist brush for dramatic colors – perfect for stage performances. Mineral makeup is long-lasting because the natural minerals bind with the skin’s natural oils.

Klee Girls eye shadow and blush contain only natural mineral powders, which do not clog pores or
irritate acnes. Its fruit-flavored organic lip shimmer (in Klee Girls gift kits only, available in Raspberry Strudel, Strawberry Shortcake, Coral Coconut and Pink Lemonade) contains organic olive oil, mango butter, organic stevia, natural fragrances and other wholesome natural ingredients.

The natural lip gloss contains healing apple extract, hydrogenated soy glyceride and vitamin E.
None of the bad chemicals commonly found in makeup products, such as talc (a potential irritant),
paraffin and petrolatum (petrochemical byproducts that clog pores and cause irritation and breakout), polypropylene glycol (a toxin that penetrates through skin easily) and FD&C or lake dyes (known carcinogens commonly used as color pigments), will ever make its way to Luna Star Naturals products.

Luna Star Naturals products can be found at, or at leading specialty toy shops, kids’ spas and natural product stores nationwide. Luna Star Naturals is a proud member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network andAmerican Specialty Toy Retailing Association.


  • All Natural Mineral Blush With Puff • $9.99
    Choose from four themed colors ranging light pink to mauve: Santa Barbara Kiss (Light pink), South Beach Dawn (pink), Delray Reflection (coral pink) and Palm Springs Sun (mauve).
  • All Natural Mineral Tinted Lip Gloss • $11.99
    What's your color? Luna Star has four to try from nude pink to coral pink! Choose Tahoe Interlude (nude pink), Sequoia Beat (pink), Aspen Adagio (coral pink) and Brighton Ensemble (sparkle pink).
  • All Natural Mineral Eye Shadow • $8.99
    A dozen choices to try. Girls have fun discover what colors make their eyes sparkle from baby blue to sparkle yellow. Like all Luna Star products, soap and water washes the shadow away in an instant.

Maui Surf (dark blue)
Rockies Dawn (violet)
Mesa Verde (light blue)
Acadia Breeze (light purple)
Lake Michigan Dip (aquamarine)
Pacific Sparkles (sparkle grey)
Columbia Run (baby blue)
Myrtle Sunrise (sparkle yellow)
Yellowstone Trail (green)
Napa Mist (pink)
Catskills Stroll (brown)
Canyon Ascend (light brown)

  • Natural Mineral Makeup 4 Piece Kit • $24.99
    Klee Girls love to experiment and these two colorful make up kits give a girl lots of options to look fabulous. Each kit includes two eye shadows, blush, lip shimmer and two applicators. Choose one or both styles: Shining Through -- This kit features Maui Surf and Pacific Sparkles eye shadow with Palm Springs Sun blush and Strawberry Shortcake lip balm. Glorious Afternoon -- Unwrap this kit for Rockies Dawn and Canyon Ascend eye shadows, Santa Barbara Kiss blush and Raspberry Strudel lip balm.
  • Natural Mineral Makeup 7 Piece Kit • $34.99
    A full size bamboo brush, two eye shadows, blush, face and body shimmer, lip balm plus a mini water based nail polish makes this an impressive kit to give or get! Choose one or both styles:

    Up And Away -- Expect plenty of ooohs and ahhhs with Mesa Verde and Acadia Breeze eye shadow, Delray Reflection blush, Silver Sparkles face and body shimmer, Strawberry Shortcake and Rich Pink Lemonade lip balm plus Hartford nail polish.

    Far And Wide -- For a completely different look, try on Yellowstone Trail and Lake Michigan Dip eye shadow, South Beach Dawn blush, Silver Sparkles face and body shimmer, Raspberry Strudel and Coral Coconut lip balm. Pamper your nails with Denver nail polish.

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