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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review - Clara and Davie

Clara and Davie
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About the Book
From bestselling author Patricia Polacco's family tree -- the true story of young Clara Barton.

Animals and flowers were Clara's best friends. She had a special way with critters and found joy in the beauty that sprang from the soil. But whenever Clara talked, her words didn't come out right. As hard as she tried, she could not get over her lisp.

Clara's older brother Davie understood that his sister was gifted. When folks made fun of Clara's stilted words, Davie was always at her side reminding her that she had a talent for healing creatures.

Davie told his sister, "Some day you are going to be a very great lady." And that's exactly what happened. Clara Barton became one of the most famous medical practitioners of all time, and founded the American Red Cross.

My Take on the Book
Patricia Polocco has been a favorite children's author of mine for years. It was a special treat to meet her at our local bookstore. When this book arrived , I was eager to read it.

Clara Barton became known for her gift of healing of both people and animals as a young girl. She studied medical books . Clara became the founder of our American Red Cross.

Patricia Polocco's biography of Clara Barton, a relative of hers, details her life as a child. It illustrates the special love and relationship she had with her older brother David. The story shows her perseverance as a child and this perseverance led her to become known as one of the greatest women in medical history.

I am confident you and your child will thoroughly enjoy CLARA AND DAVIE.

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