Dad of Divas' Reviews: Hang & Level Makes Hanging Pictures Easy

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hang & Level Makes Hanging Pictures Easy

Hang & Level
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About the Product
The Hang & Level™, picture hanging tool, ensures perfectly straight positioning each and every time, with absolutely no measuring or calculating involved. As a result, it not only takes the guesswork out of picture hanging, but it also eliminates unsightly holes in the wall.

Manufactured by Under the Roof Decorating, Hang & Level™ retails for just $14.99, making it a perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift. The picture hanging tool can be found at national retailers, including Target, Home Depot, and select ACE Hardware stores.

My Take on the Product
I have been meaning to hang some pictures around the house but I have been hesitant as I usually have issues with hanging them level. One thing that I loved with this was the built in level that it had available for the user. I also loved the marking system that this uses so that you know that you are placing the nail exactly where it needs to go. I did not have any issue with hanging the pictures that I usually do which makes all the difference for me, as I can now know that I can now not be afraid to jump right in and get the job done without worrying about how the pictures will look in the end.

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