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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Review - Sarah and the Red Scarf

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About the Book
Readers will follow Sarah, a young girl living near Bethlehem, as she struggles with growing pains any adolescent will relate with. Crushed by her unfair exclusion from the town pageant, Sarah is searching for her lost lamb when she encounters three weary travelers seeking help on their extraordinary journey. Eager to help, Sarah inadvertently offers the travelers the first Christmas gift- a lantern to guide them through the night.

Sarah and the Red Scarf ” couples Repicci’s engaging story with vibrant illustrations that will capture the hearts and spirits of the entire family this Christmas season.

My Take on the Book
Albert Repicci has written a Christmas story that could become a new read aloud each year for your family.It is a beautiful story about a sensitive and loving little girl named Sarah who brings her exuberance of childhood and love and concern for all living things to the forefront of this holiday season ( and for everyday too).

The story evolves as we learn of Hezekiah's pride and control issues of a special Christmas lantern parade. We meet the three kings on their way to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. Sarah encounters these men and assists them in their journey. Sarah's unselfish behavior is rewarded.

The ending of the story shows the reconciliation of a community, the forgiveness we all need to show each other, and the events of a special night that occurred so long ago.

It is a story I believe your family will enjoy year after year and will bring another dimension to the historical event of the birth of Jesus.

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