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Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Review - The Calorie Myth

The Calorie Myth
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About the Book

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Nutrition and Exercise Expert Releases Controversial Diet Book Based on Ten Years of Research: The Calorie Myth

What if everything you thought you knew about weight loss was wrong?

After 10 years of research and collaboration with some of the top academics, doctors, and scientists in the field of health and wellness, Jonathan Bailor has developed a revolutionary new model for weight loss—and lifelong health. In The Calorie Myth, he exposes the fundamental flaw upon which the diet industry has been built: the eat less + exercise more = weight loss equation simply doesn’t add up.

When it comes to most things in life, we welcome the latest advances in science: from the convenience of our smart phones to the life-saving technology in our hospitals, scientific advancement allow us to be more efficient, more productive, and lead better lives.

So why are we following weight loss advice from the 1950s? Why haven’t we ever questioned the very foundation of every diet and exercise plan—a formula that, not coincidentally, has coincided with decades of escalating and record-breaking levels of obesity?

In this revolutionary book informed by more than 1,200 studies on the new science of weight loss, Bailor shows us how eating more—of the right kinds of foods—and exercising less—but at a higher intensity—is actually the key to burning fat, balancing hormones, boosting metabolism, and creating long-term weight loss. The Calorie Myth offers clear, comprehensive guidance on what to eat and why, providing an eating plan, easy recipes, and a simple yet effective exercise program.

This book will change the way you look at dieting and weight loss forever. You don’t need to go hungry or spend hours at the gym to lose weight. Don’t let the calorie myth stand between you and the life you want: when you learn the real science of weight loss, slim is simple.

The foundation of The Calorie Myth is a SANE lifestyle to increase metabolism & decrease one’s set point weight by eating Satisfying, unAggressive, Nutritious & inEfficient food. No counting calories.

"...Bailor has written a book that is a must-reed for knowing the truth about evaporating body fat...Bailor opens the black box of fat loss and makes it simple for you to explore the facts. Read this book today in order to live your best life." - Joel Harper, Dr. Oz Show fitness expert

“While researching and practicing at the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at the Harvard Medical School and at the Department of Medicine of the UCLA School of Medicine, I would often be asked when will there be a proven prescription for weight loss. THE CALORIE MYTH is that prescription.” – Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis, Harvard Medical School, UCLA Medical School

My Take on the Book
This is a pragmatic book that teaches you some amazing things about how you can change your life in a completely different way. My eyes were opened to some of the myths and misnomers that all of us have been taught through the years about nutrition and weight loss. The book is filled with solid research as well as step-by-step things you can do to eat better and get the results that you truly want for yourself. All-in-all, this is definitely a new approach to dieting and helps you to make better choices that will change your outlook on reaching the goals that you have set for yourself!

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