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Monday, December 2, 2013

Blu-ray Review - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

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About the Movie
(1947) A romance between a young widow and a sea captain's ghost weaves a magical tale of immortal love. Determined to live her life the way she wants, newly widowed Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) declines her straitlaced in-laws demand that she live with them and moves with her daughter (a young Natalie Wood) to the seaside into a cottage haunted by the handsome, blustering Captain Gregg (Rex Harrison). A deal is struck between the two in the wee hours of the morning allowing Lucy to stay in the house and the captain to materialize only in the master bedroom. As they gradually get to know each other better, Lucy's spunk and stubbornness gains first the captain's grudging respect, then his heart. But when another man woos Lucy, both must face that her future lies with the living, not in the spirit world.

My Take on the Movie
I have been a huge fan of Rex Harrison for many years and this movie shows some of his amazing acting ability. One of the things that as a viewer you come to appreciate is one of the most powerful romantic relationships that I have ever seen, especially seeing that the two main characters never could touch each other. The dialogues that Harrison and Wood had were so rich and the overall movie was so well written and made, If you have never seen this movie, this is a classic that you must watch. You will want to experience the relationship that grows between the characters and the love that ensues and what happens in the end as well. A wonderful movie!

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