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Friday, November 19, 2010

Product Review - The Total Transformation Program

Total Transformation

Ever since the day she was born, our daughter Diva-J has been a handful. She has challenged us every step of the way, and continues to do so even now as a 6 year old. While I love her with all my heart there are days that I am completely drained and I know that J-Mom feels the same way.

Our second daughter is completely different, laid back and carefree, she is our studious one and someone who simply site back and will go to her room to read. Though lately she has been starting to pick up some bad habits form her sister that J-Mom and I are not happy about.

So needless to say we have power struggles, arguing and attitude from Diva-J particularly that we are dealing with on a daily basis.We have tried many things and failed at many things, so when I heard about The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman, MSW, I was eager to give to try it to see if it could make a difference.

What I liked about this program when I first read about it was that it was a step-by-step, multi-media program designed to help parents manage challenging behaviors in children and teenagers. The program uses cognitive learning theory and behavior management techniques to help all ages change their behavior. Complete with DVDs, CDs and a 116-page workbook, this kit offers practical, real-world solutions for the most common and challenging problems that we all face.

I was able to review a 3-CD abridged version that contains key lessons on the concepts and methodologies found in the complete Total Transformation Program.

While I wished that I had the entire program to try out, I was excited to try the program that I did receive out and see what the hype was all about!

CD 1: 10 Ways to Turn Around Your Child’s Behavior in One Minute or Less.
This disc was a compilation of 10 simple techniques Dr. Lehman developed and used with kids for over 30 years. Given in a way that parents can put them to use immediately, these tips are made so that you can see quick, positive changes in your kids.

While some of the techniques on this CD were ones that I had already tried, I especially liked the idea of Disconnecting yourself when the child becomes disrespectful. My buttons are pushed on a daily basis and many times I feel that I need to react instead of disconnecting and simply saying “Don’t talk to me like that, I don’t like it,” and then turning around and walking away.

CD 2 (Lesson 1 from the full set): Why Does My Child Act This Way? The Real Causes of Obnoxious and Abusive Behavior. This disc was full of questions that most parents have within the program itself. It really makes you see that you are not alone and that there are other children out there that are as challenging as your own. I was happy to see that our daughter is not the only one that likes to push the behavior barrier to the max and that there are many other parents out there with similar issues.

The second portion went through characteristics and practices of kids with obnoxious and abusive behavior. This section had some great nuggest that allowed me to again get to know some of my daughters behaviors even better.

CD 3 (Lesson 4 from the full set): Transformation Tools: 27 Tools to Change Your Child’s Behavior Now. This is where some of the meat of the program jumps in. This CD starts to talk about what you can do to change the behavior problems that you are having. This CD focuses on what you can do to change the overall behavior by being consistent and turning the tables on the kids making them responsible for their actions.

Overall, this program solidified that I have to be a strong role model for my own child. It doesn't zap your child and make them better but instead provides tools to assist you in your journey in becoming a better parent.

I know that there is so much more that this program has to offer that I was not able to listen to, but in what I did hear, I would highly recommend the program to others!

More specifics and purchasing information for The Total Transformation can be found on their website or on Amazon!

This post was written for Family Review Network & Total Transformation who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest review

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