Dad of Divas' Reviews: LED Bulbs Save Money and Provide Tons of Light! #dadchat

Sunday, December 28, 2014

LED Bulbs Save Money and Provide Tons of Light! #dadchat

LED Bulbs

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About the Bulb
Save Money. Save Energy. Save Time. Light Up Your Home With The Most Advanced Lightbulb Technology Yet!

Electric bills can be crazy high. Each regular bulb can rack up costs up to $15 a month... each! Multiply that by the number of bulbs in your house. That's a LOT of money - but you can cut down on your electric bill easily by making one small change to your household.

  • Added safety with isolated driver (shockproof!) and thick epoxy (shatterproof!)
  • Use less energy than standard bulbs
  • Last longer with 50,000 hours of life
  • Recyclable
  • 300 degrees beam angle
LED Bulbs

Save energy AND money - with LED Bulbs , individual YEARLY running cost is only $0.84... as opposed to standard bulbs, which cost up to $15 EACH MONTH!

  •  Don't overheat
  • All-purpose
  • Easy to install
  • Do not attract bugs
  • Completely silent - no annoying hum
  • ANSI construction compliant
  • Highly luminous, highly stable

My Take on the Book
I was able to try out one of these bulbs and I was impressed with the amount of light that I received from the bulb itself. I came to find that the bulb did not have the flicker that I had seen in the past by some of the other lower quality bulbs that I had bought, but instead the bulb itself was steady and provided great coverage. I loved the fact that this bulb saved s much energy and would last longer than regular bulbs too. All-in-all, while I am just starting the switch over to LED, I am glad that I tried out this bulb.

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