Dad of Divas' Reviews: Big Bubble Zone: Bubbles have never been more fun & easier to do!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Big Bubble Zone: Bubbles have never been more fun & easier to do!

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About the Product
Everyone loves bubbles, but sometimes it can be hard to work with existing bubble wands on the market. Often they have short handles, or just don’t make very large bubbles. While this may have been a frustrating issue in the past, now with Big Bubble Zone’s Mega Wand and Star Wand, you can make large bubbles with ease, providing hours of entertainment for everyone—kids and adults alike!

The great thing about the Mega Wand and Star Wand is that they both have a patented handle and lever. Using just one hand, you can press the lever and release bubbles into the air! It is as simple as that! Windy day? No problem! With these special lever-releasing bubble wands, you can still create fun bubbles that range from 3 feet up to 10 feet! Gone are the days of dipping a small wand into a solution and blowing itty-bitty bubbles, now with the Mega Wand and Star Wand, you will draw quite a crowd as you create big bubbles galore!

Imagine allowing your young child to hold the Mega or Star Wand and create bubbles on his or her own for the first time. Or, imagine taking your Mega Wand or Star Wand to your next family get together and becoming the life of the party! These bubble wands are fun for the whole family! The Mega Wand measures 30” and the Star Wand measures 20”. Both create large bubbles with ease, thanks to their amazing one handed lever system. If you love bubbles, you can’t be without these wands!

Looking for a great bubble solution? There are three amazing options ready for your bubbling pleasure! “Super Miracle Bubble” is available in a 64-ounce container and can be found online at or through national retailers. The “Ultra Premium High Performance Concentrate” is available online in a 32 ounce package, and makes a whopping 2 ½ gallons of bubble solution! Or, choose the small 8-ounce size, which makes 2 ½ quarts of bubble solution. Also available online on the Solution Options page is a recipe for a “Mix Your Own” bubble solution. Now there is no excuse to be without bubbles whenever and wherever!

Big Bubble Zone was founded by Ray and Karen Brisebois in Sausalito, California. The two owners always had a passion for bubbles and decided upon discovering these two bubble wands that they were too good not to share! Very often, Ray is found showing off his bubbles around Marin County. Whether for kids or adults, these bubble wands are sure to delight everyone who has been enraptured by the joy and fun of bubble making.

My Take on the Product
These were very cool wands that make HUGE bubbles! While I was having a little issue with how cold it is in Michigan right now, I did try this out and as you see in the video above, the wands were so easy to use and the bubbles were that big! The other thing that I will note here is that I found that the wand was very easy to fill with bubbles. While the wands do hold a lot of bubbles, I was not getting completely covered in bubble mixture when trying to fill the container itself, as has been the case in the past. Instead, I found that the wands were easy to fill and so lightweight to carry. This made it easy for even my youngest (who is 6) to use this and delight in the big bubbles that she was creating.

People of all age love making bubbles. I don't know why, but it brings out the kid in all of us and this was definitely the case for my family too. Even though it was cold outside we still had a blast trying this and I know that come next spring and summer we will be having even more fun with this too!

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