Dad of Divas' Reviews: Ditch the Pen & Paper With @Adonitnews Jot Script

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ditch the Pen & Paper With @Adonitnews Jot Script

Adonit Jot Script

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About the Product
The Jot Script Evernote Edition is the first of its kind: a true fine point stylus for iOS that allows your handwriting to flow as freely as your thoughts. With a revolutionary 1.9mm tip, Jot Script writes and feels like your favorite pen. Whether capturing ideas in a meeting or writing notes in the classroom, Jot Script elevates note taking to an art form.

Adonit Jot Script

What is Pixelpoint™ Technology?
Pixelpoint™ technology has enabled the first fine point stylus on the market with a 1.9mm tip. The Bluetooth LE, accelerometer, and Adonit’s SDK work seamlessly to place the ink point directly under the tip and improve the overall control on the screen. Pixelpoint technology will guarantee precision in every line, letter and signature.

Designed to feel like a pen
Jot Script was designed to reflect the style of a high-end ball point pen with a ribbed grip around the aluminum barrel. It has the same metal finish, quality construction, simplicity, and weighted hand balance that Adonit styluses are known for

Adonit Jot Script

Battery Powered
No need for messy docks or cables. The Jot Script is powered by a standard AAA lithium battery and connects effortlessly via Bluetooth 4.0; just grab Jot Script and start writing.

Pen, Meet Penultimate
Evernote reinvented Penultimate, the #1 note taking app for iPad, to offer an unsurpassed ink-on-paper experience. Jot Script’s breakthrough Pixelpoint™ technology and Penultimate’s intuitive software brings handwriting into the digital age.

iOS Compatibility
Works with all iOS devices. Requires Bluetooth 4.0 for advanced features, including palm rejection. Bluetooth 4.0 is available on iPad 3rd generation and newer, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and newer.

Jot-Ready Apps
Jot Ready Apps provide the best stylus experience on the market by integrating Adonit's SDK (Software Development Kit). This SDK enhances an app's performance by adding features such as pressure sensitivity, shortcut buttons, and calibrating the screen for a stylus rather than a finger. The list of Jot Ready apps is getting longer every day.

My Take on the Jot Script
I have been trying this out now for about a week and have enjoyed the freedom of using this over carrying an extra pad and paper. I find that I am using my technology more and more in the work setting so using it for the notes that I am taking makes a lot of sense to me. Setting this up was pretty easy. I found that it connected pretty well initially. There were a few issues of the device timing out if I was not using this on a regular basis, but in continual use it seemed to work well and recognized my movements and script without a problem. I did try the Penultimate app that was recommended and then decided to pay for an App called Notes Plus which I tended to find was a bit more accurate than the Penultimate, at least in my own opinion.

So far I have been happy with this, and I think that others will be too. If you are looking for the ability to take your note taking to the next level this will definitely allow you to do it!

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