Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Big Nate's Greatest Hits

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Review - Big Nate's Greatest Hits

Big Nate's Greatest Hits
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About the Book
The more Big Nate, the better! Readers will have their fill of Nate's wisecracks and school day shenanigans in this giant collection of hilarious comic strips.

Big Nate's Greatest Hits collects three bestselling e-book only collections--Big Nate Makes a Splash, Big Nate Dibs on This Chair, and Big Nate Pray for a Fire Drill--in this supersized paperback edition.

Eleven-year-old Nate Wright is no one-hit wonder. He’s the king of Monopoly, the Michelangelo of P.S. 38, and a Cheez Doodle poet extraordinaire. He’s a sixth-grade superstar—at least, that’s what he tells everyone—and he’s going all the way to Number One. Whether he’s having an imaginary near-death experience, creating another hilarious episode of “Doctor Cesspool,” or meeting the girl of his dreams at summer school, Nate’s always at the top of the charts. The hits just keep on coming in Big Nate’s Greatest Hits!

My Take on the Book
Big Nate is so funny. While I have not read a lot of this comic in the past this was a great anthology of great comics. Nate is such an interesting and intriguing character. I loved going on a journey through his experiences and adventures and have some good laughs along the way. If you have never experienced Big Nate before this is a great collection that kept me engaged and coming back for more. I know that I am looking forward to trying to find more comics to read now that I have gotten through this and you will at the end of reading this too!

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