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Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Review - Family Tree Book: Home Is the Place

Family Tree Book: Home Is the Place
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About the Book
Far and near. Lost and found. Four girls. Four generations.

Georgia cannot figure out what's going on in her family. Her mother, Francie, is extremely overprotective. Her grandmother, Dana, and her great-grandmother, Abby, don't speak to each other. And Georgia's great-great-grandmother also had some secrets that nobody else knows about.

Georgia knows this because she's found her great-great grandmother's diary hidden in a wall in the family's house in Maine. Reading the diary makes her think of her own struggles - and draws her even closer to the mysteries of her family as Abby's hundredth birthday approaches.

HOME IS THE PLACE is the heartfelt, remarkable conclusion to Ann M. Martin's Family Tree series, which has followed Abby, Dana, Francie, and now Georgia from girlhood to womanhood, showing readers the intertwining, extraordinary ways we grow up.

My Take on the Book
This was a fascinating story that shows some of the mysteries that surround families and how from generation to generation things sometimes get hidden, and how important it is to keep sharing this history so future generations can learn and grow from it. This was a well written book that was touching and deep and definitely pulled at the heartstrings too at times. The characters are strong and you are inevitably drawn to continue to read to unravel more and more of the family tree and see how the characters learn and grow from what is learned. If you have never read this series you should as it is powerful, well written and a fast and poignant read!

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