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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book Review - #Prehistoric: Follow the Dinosaurs

#Prehistoric: Follow the Dinosaurs
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About the Book
Can a T-Rex take a selfie? Will a woolly mammoth’s “Throwback Thursday” photo get the most likes?

Kids are engaging in social networks in increasing numbers and this digital world has given birth to a new language — the hashtag language. #prehistoric offers a unique opportunity to connect with kids in their language while introducing them to the incredible dinosaurs and animals of the prehistoric world.

Each creature has its own humorous username and caption as well as a user info page that offers basic facts, stats, and photos. A comment section provides humorously imagined dinosaur banter. The hashtags also serve to present information in a contemporary voice. #prehistoric is a melding of old and new and fun and informative, making nonfiction incredibly accessible for young readers.

My Take on the Book
This was a funny way to look at dinosaurs. My daughters and I had a great time reading through this and learning new and informative things about dinosaurs that we had heard about in the past. We loved the way in which the dinosaurs were shared as it was so different than other dinosaur books we have read in the past. If you have someone that loves dinosaurs i your family, they will love this fun book that will make them think twice about what they already know about dinosaurs!

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