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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DVD Review - Eleanor's Secret

Eleanor's Secret
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About the DVD
In a dusty old attic Nat discovers a magical library where famous storybook characters come to life. But Nat soon learns that his fairytale friends are in danger and the only way to save them is for Nat to learn to read an ancient spell.

My Take on the DVD
With the fact that my wife is a librarian, this DVD was perfect. While I had never heard of this character, now this DVD prior to watching it, I have to say that we really enjoyed it altogether and we all we entranced by the artwork and the story itself. We loved how the books and characters came to
life, as in a good book that is what we want to happen. In this movie however, the characters themselves come to life literally! The DVD offers action, adventure, a nemesis and much more, what more could you ask for! While I do not always watch foreign films, this was a great DVD, and my kids and I loved watching it and imagining a world like this for ourselves too!

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