Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Don't Call Me Fat!: A First Look at Being Overweight

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Review - Don't Call Me Fat!: A First Look at Being Overweight

Don't Call Me Fat!: A First Look at Being Overweight

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About the Book
Psychotherapist and counselor Pat Thomas puts her gentle, yet straightforward approach to work in this new addition to Barron's highly acclaimed A First Look At...Series. This book explores why someone might be overweight, gives advice on fitness and diet, and discusses how some people are bullied because of their weight. It also provides guidance for a healthier lifestyle as well as notes for adults. The story line is simple and easily accessible to younger children, who will learn that exploring the personal feelings around social issues is a first step in dealing with them. Full-color illustrations on every page.

My Take on the Book
We constantly hear about obesity in children. Often a discussion with children who are overweight is difficult if not avoided. Pat Thomas has written a story which is sensitive and factual and will help adults with a discussion with children.

The book illustrates the possible causes of obesity in children and then the challenges those children encounter in society, their families and in school . Bullying is so common in our schools today and often children who are overweight are victims of comments by other children.

I feel this book can be an excellent resource for parents and teachers. I feel it will assist them with a discussion of obesity and bullying. The children that are overweight have feelings, talents ,and want to be friends with other children. We need to encourage our children to be more compassionate and understanding of those with weight challenges.

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