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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Review - The Student Bible Dictionary

The Student Bible Dictionary

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About the Book
Here's a concise, easy-to-use Bible reference book especially for students of all ages who seek to learn more about the Bible and its times. The Student Bible Dictionary features definitions and explanations of hundreds of Bible words, names, places, and concepts. Scores of full color charts, maps, photographs, and illustrations help to clarify the text, and add visual appeal. Special color coding, meanwhile, adds special emphasis to important topics-which feature additional information geared toward the student reader. From AARON (AIRn). Older brother of and early spokesman for Moses (Ex. 4:14-16). Became Israel's first high priest. The Aaronic priesthood (priests of the tribe of Levi) was named for him (ex. 28:1; 29; Lev. 8; Num. 18) to ZIPPORAH (zip POH ruh). Wife of Moses and daughter Jethro, also called Reuel, priest of Midian (ex. 2:16-21; 3:1)the Student Bible Dictionary is a whole library of accessible, useful information!

My Take on the Book
This is an excellent Bible dictionary. If you read the Bible, teach a Bible study class, or read Bible stories to your children, you find this to be a great resource.

The authors included easy to understand definitions with specific examples and references to Bible verses. There were excellent photographs of places and photographs of paintings related to the definitions. The dictionary was easy to use.

This would be a wonderful gift for someone who uses the Bible frequently.

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