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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Review - Hank Has a Dream

Hank Has a Dream

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About the Book
In this poetic tale, Hank dreams that he can fly. Come along for the ride as he recreates the dream for his little friend. How far will Hank fly? What will he see? How high will he go? These dreamland mysteries capture his friend's imagination and they will capture yours too. The enchanting images of Rebecca Dudley's meticulously crafted dioramas set the scene for this gentle fantasy. Readers will set sail, gliding through Hank's world as he discovers the wonders of flight and the magic of friendship. This gentle, uplifting fantasy by the author of the bestselling Hank Finds an Egg highlights the magic of friendship and lets young readers' imagination soar. Rebecca Dudley's highly praised, hand-crafted dioramas and characters -- combined with minimal text -- will entertain and delight.

My Take on the Book
Rebecca has written a sweet story for young children. The beautiful dioramas she created to illustrate the story make you feel you are right there with the main character as he tells his dream to his hummingbird friend. It is almost like a 3D experience.

Hanks dream takes him flying, walking through woods, visiting the sea, swinging on a vine, and floating down a river.

What other adventures will Hank experience? Maybe you and your child could use your imaginations to create a Hank story too.

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