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Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review - Geronimo Stilton: the Super Chef Contest

Geronimo Stilton: the Super Chef Contest

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About the Book
Each Geronimo Stilton book is fast-paced, with lively full-color art and a unique format kids 7-10 will love.

My cousin Trap was entering the Super Chef Contest, which determines the best cook on Mouse Island -- and he was bringing me along as an assistant! Slimy Swiss cheese, I don't know the first thing about cooking fancy dishes . . . and I didn't think Trap did, either. What an appetizing adventure!

My Take on the Book
Geronimo Stilton's cousin, Trap, wants to enter a cooking contest and convinces Geronimo to become his Victim (assistant). It is not until Geronimo is exposed for cheating in the cooking contest and has an unfortunate accident, that Geronimo takes over as the chef in the contest. That is when the real chefs are named.

The credit for the best chefs are Aunt Sweetfur and Aunt Mousie.The provided the food that Trap used in his cheating and the food Geronimo used to actually win in the end.

The story is funny and the author constantly plays with changing the words to make the text amusing to the reader.

Your child will enjoy not only the story but the illustrations too.

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