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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Review - Done.: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked

Done.: A Cook's Guide to Knowing When Food Is Perfectly Cooked
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About the Book
Done. answers the age-old question that stumps all cooks: "Is it ready yet?" In this infinitely handy kitchen guide, foremost cooking authority James Peterson gives at-aglance answers for more than 85 of the most vexing-to-cook foods, from sauces, vegetables, fish, and meats to sweets. Detailed descriptions of smell, sound, look, and texture provide a quick reference, while more than 500 color photographs clearly capture each key stage of doneness. With distilled explanations of the 10 basic cooking methods for context, Done. is the solution to thermometer dependence. It's an instant classic for cooks of all skill levels.

My Take on the Book
James Peterson's book covers everything . The contents page listed various cooking methods, sauces and egg dishes,vegetables and rice, beans and seafood, poultry and beef, lamb and pork, and sweets and breads. James assists the reader in understanding what doneness looks like, feels like, smells like, etc. He encourages the cook to use all five senses when cooking.

I felt the photographs included helped me in understanding the concept of many of the cooking demonstrations in this book. For example the entry for making "clarified butter" listed not only the steps but also included photographs for each of the steps through the process of making "clarified butter".

If you are not sure how to make a pot roast, check out pages 174-176. Once again the directions were clearly written and easy to follow. There were multiple photographs to assist the reader throughout the cooking of the pot roast. This cook book is for anyone who wants specific information concerning when a food is done cooking or baking. I learned new information and techniques. The book would become an excellent resource.

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