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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Product Review - Black Flag Flying Insect Trap

Flying insect pests like wasps, yellow jackets and flies can pose significant threats to homeowners and their families. This year the dangers may be even greater, as above-average winter temperatures have forced many flying insects out of hibernation earlier than usual. The Black Flag® brand is giving homeowners the chance to take control of their backyards with the launch of its new Black Flag Flying Insect Trap and Lures.

 “Whether it’s highly aggressive stinging insects like wasps and yellow jackets or more passive disease-carrying insects like houseflies, this season’s above-average temperatures may lead to a significant increase in flying insect pests come summer,” says John Pailthorp, Division Vice President, Marketing. “The best thing homeowners can do is eliminate these pests before they create an even bigger problem.”

By setting up the Black Flag Flying Insect Trap and Lures during the spring season, homeowners may be able to reduce the number of wasp, yellow jacket and fly colonies come late summer. The trap is reusable and versatile, since it can be placed above the ground (hung from a tree, pole or fence) or attached to the provided stake and pushed into the ground.

The product not only eliminates flying insect pests, it also doesn’t attract unwanted attention, as it is designed to blend into backyard settings. Attractive and discreet, the Black Flag Flying Insect Trap and Lures are also economical, safe, durable and perhaps most importantly, effective, allowing homeowners to enjoy, entertain and relax on their deck or patio with less worry regarding flying insect pests.

For added control, be sure to follow these tips from the Black Flag brand for keeping your backyard pest free.

  • Keep gutters clear and direct water from downspouts away from your home.
  • Cut back bushes and tree branches around your house.
  • Clean up all pet and animal feces promptly.
  • Dispose of kitchen scraps and other organic waste properly.
  • If you have fruit trees in your yard, pick up any fruit that falls on the ground.
  • Place lids on trash and recycling bins and move them away from the house. 
My Take on the Product
I had not tried and Black Flag traps like these before so I didn't know what to expect. I have to say that I was quite impressed with their look as well as the result in using the product. The trip itself makes pretty large claims to its success, so going into this review I was a little bit skeptical. We've been seeing a large number of wasps already this season. Maybe are saying that because of the early warmth that we had in Michigan and that the wasps started earlier as well, and if what I am seeing is any indication, they are correct. With this in mind we have not wanted to go out on our deck to enjoy the nice weather due to the wasps that I always prevalent. I decided to use this trap near our deck to see if it would help control the wasp population and allow us to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather and the outdoors. In putting this up, as mentioned, I was impressed with the aesthetic look of the product itself. I also was impressed with how quickly it seemed to work, as within only a few days I noticed a marked decrease in the number of wasps that were bothering me when I went outside. Overall, I was quite impressed and I still hit the trap hanging today!

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Anonymous said...

I bought these traps after reading this review. They really work!!! I have a neighbor that allows his dog to "go" in his backyard. He does not clean up right away, so the flies are terrible. I hung two traps and the flies are not a problem. I can enjoy my backyard again.

Thank you so much for the information.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. These traps really work. My neighbor does not clean up after his dog. The flies can be unbearable. I hung two traps and I can finally enjoy my backyard again!!!