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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oliver's Labels Provide Your Products a Name

About the Product
When the owner's nephew was young, she would go exploring the city that her sister lived in by foot, with her nephew Ollie in his stroller. Like any young child, Ollie just loved to wiggle out of his shoes and toss them out the side of the stroller. Fortunately, she would usually notice soon enough, retrace their steps, and find his tiny shoe somewhere on the sidewalk. I knew there would be a time when we would not be so lucky.

That's when Debbie (the owner) got the idea to make some simple, homemade labels with Ollie's name and phone number on them. I stuck them on his bottle, inside his shoes, and on anything else Ollie decided he was bringing with him that day.

One day when she was back in her hometown (Toronto, Canada), she got a very excited phone call from her sister Marla. “You will never believe what happened!” she exclaimed. It turned out that as usual, on one of their excursions, Oliver had managed to maneuver out of one of his brand new Nike runners. Marla was so disappointed, having only discovered it missing once they got home. Later that day a woman from the Bronx called saying that she had found the shoe! The shoe was returned and I was so delighted that my labels worked! Marla was so delighted at having saved a $60 pair of shoes!

By the time that Oliver started daycare, attending class with 15 other children, Debbie started thinking about her labels again. This time, she used her 6 years of experience in the printing industry to design a label that would be both waterproof and beautiful. She then came up with the Found-it Tracking System™ to avoid sharing personal information (like a phone number) with strangers. Marla put them on Ollie's water bottle, books, and of course his shoes. His stuff always comes home with him. His teachers appreciate the time they save, always knowing what belongings are his. And Ollie’s classmates' parents started to ask Marla where they could get these same labels, both for their own children, and as birthday gifts for their children’s friends.

From all of this Oliver's Labels were born.

My Take on the Labels
I was quite impressed with the quality of these labels. We got some generic labels with the tracking system attached. I really like the tracking system as it allows someone to go online and send you a message when they find your lost items. While we have not yet lost anything that we placed a label on, I like having the peace of mind that these labels bring to my home. We now know that in regards to the larger important items that we have tagged, if they are left behind, someone could potentially contact us so that we can get them back.

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If you are looking for a great way to track your child's things, look no further than Oliver's Labels!

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