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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to School Vision Board Project

The start of a new school year can set the tone for how that year will turn out. The concept of a vision board (also known as a goal board, goal map, or treasure map) has been around for generations, but it's gained a renewed interest and popularity as of late.

  1. The first step is to create a list of intentions with your child. What are their hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year? 
  2. Next, collect visual images to go with the list of intentions.
  3. To accompany the images, add decorative handmade paper scraps, pretty stickers, and attach with Clementine Natural glue.
  4. Decorate the vision board using Clementine Art Natural Paint, Markers and Soy Crayons and Crayon Rocks to add shading, doodling and drawing and your child's personal touches and creative expressions.
  5. Let the board dry overnight, then hang in a place where your child can view everyday, reinforcing their intentions for the year!

For more information and images of the Clementine Art Back to School Vision Board project, visit the Clementine Art Blog. For additional information on Clementine Art, visit, follow Clementine Art on Twitter at, and find Clementine Art on Facebook at
About Clementine Art:
Clementine Art was founded in 2008 by Diana Mercer, a former teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field of education, arts education, and child development. Diana created Clementine Art to encourage open-ended art explorations for children. The process of creating art is a powerful developmental tool for children, and Clementine Art products encourage children to dream, imagine, experiment, create, problem-solve, and above all, express themselves. Explains Diana: "Real art is about creating. Early childhood educators know that the process of creating art is just as important to a child's development as the outcome. I wanted to create products that not only engaged children in an open-ended creative process,but that could also become an everyday part of a healthy and creative lifestyle."
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Joyce A. Schwarz, Editor and Blogger said...

Hi, your readers may be interested in seeing a free chapter of the best-selling book THE VISION BOARD which featured more than 100 color vision boards. You can see that free chapter at and click on look inside. PS I worte an article last year about back to school vision board creatio that adds some additional tips to your blog -- here's tht link too: