Dad of Divas' Reviews: Say “Bye-Bye” to Ugly Baby-Proofing!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Say “Bye-Bye” to Ugly Baby-Proofing!

Every parent remembers when the realization hit them—parenting means relinquishing any sense of interior design to baby-proofing products that provide function with no form. Somewhere between hideous rubber bumpers and stark-white baby gates, most parents come to accept that child safety must over-ride the chic home design they enjoyed before the “it” couple became the cute little family.

Not any more! Jamboo Creations is introducing a line of products that simultaneously merges stylish interiors and plush baby-proofing!

Jamboo’s debut product addresses one of the greatest areas of concern for child safety at home: The sharp-edged area around the fireplace hearth, which also happens to be a major focal point for entertainment and family gatherings. The founders of Jamboo Creations and parents of a vivacious 4 year old, Gina and Bill Maguire, have blended the elements of design and safety into one unique and creative baby-proofing solution, with HearthSoft™, by Jamboo Creations- the first fireplace hearth cover that accomplishes two clever and essential objectives:
  1. Add a safe layer of protection for your child or loved one (including those with disabilities) around the hard surfaces and sharp edges of the fireplace. 
  2. Create an attractive home furnishing piece that enhances the look and usability of any room, using durable, easy-to-clean and flame-retardant designer fabrics.
“When our son, Jack, was born, we scoured the internet and mass-market baby product stores for something more attractive and practical than those standard rubber corner covers, “says Bill Maguire, co-owner of Jamboo Creations. “After ending every shopping trip disappointed and empty-handed, my wife went to work creating the perfect hearth cover for baby. The response from our family and friends let us know that this was a vastly-needed product from which any family with a fireplace could benefit.”

The company name is an acronym derived from combining the initials of Gina and Bill’s son, Jack Allen Maguire, who the couple affectionately calls "Boo"…thus, Jamboo Creations.

About HearthSoft
The patent-pending, durable, lightweight HearthSoft unit is custom-tailored to fit any hearth and decor and goes directly from shipping box to the fireplace hearth, with no assembly required. Zippered entries further enhance the convenience factor, allowing for easy cleaning when necessary. In addition, the padded skirt folds effortlessly underneath for easy storage in a closet or under a bed. The top pad of the HearthSoft contains 2” of dense, flame-retardant polyfoam that is wrapped in Dacron. The skirt contains 1” of dense polyfoam.

Available in 12 colors, HearthSoft is priced at $249.00, with free shipping, and Jamboo’s 100% money-back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Unusual hearth shapes and custom fabrics to fit any décor are also welcome, as part of Jamboo’s commitment to bringing safety and style to any interior design specifications.

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