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Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Sore Throats Can Be A Vacation Spoiler

While most people associate sore throats with the dark days of winter, summer sore throat pain can ruin even the steamiest of summer plans.  A sore throat can result from viruses or bacteria, but other common summer related activities can also be a major cause. 

Five common causes of summer sore throats are:

  • Air Conditioning – While a relief from outside temperatures, cold air can contribute to the spread of the common cold and sore throat.
  • Air Travel - Confined cabins provide an ideal environment for transmitting airborne germs.  The chances of illness being spread through re-circulated air are relatively high.
  • Swimming – Chlorine and salt water can have a drying effect on the throat.
  • Summer Sports – Biking, hiking, running or playing any sport outside can cause dehydration which may result in sore throat pain.
  • Other popular summer causes include; cheering out loud for your favorite sports team, summer allergies and exposure to humid or dry air.

 Most of the time a sore throat will go away in a few days.  For quick relief, pharmacists recommend these four tips:
  • Use sore throat lozenges such as Chloraseptic® Lozenges to numb the pain.  It is always important to follow directions on the label.
  • Try an over-the-counter pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen as directed on the bottle in conjunction with lozenges
  • Drink hot beverages like tea with honey or lemon
  • Gargle with salt water
To relieve the pain associated with summer sore throats, Chloraseptic, the #1 pharmacist recommended brand, announces a fully upgraded line of Sore Throat Lozenges that provide fast, effective relief.  The lozenges go beyond soothing sore throat pain to cooling nasal passages and easing coughs. The new lozenge line features four soothing flavors--Cherry, Citrus, Honey Lemon and Green Tea; the latter two are made with real honey. This is the only medicated sore throat remedy with a liquid center that relieves on contact and provides a second burst of soothing medicine that targets the throat and nasal passages. The Wild Cherry Total lozenges available in sugar-free and regular, also suppress cough for up to 4 hours.  The maximum strength Wild Berries flavor lozenge is the strongest available without a prescription.

“The new Chloraseptic® Lozenge Line was upgraded based on extensive consumer feedback and research,” says Jocelyn Yuan, Senior Manager for the brand.  “We created these great new flavors with liquid centers consumers appreciate.  Chloraseptic® Lozenges are the perfect summer sore throat companion to carry with you at all times.”

The Chloraseptic® Lozenge Line is available in 15 and 18 count packs with a suggested retail price of $3.99.  The complete family of sore throat relief products also includes Chloraseptic Relief Strips® for kids which are fast-acting, great tasting grape oral strips that relieve sore throat pain on contact. Chloraseptic sore throat sprays are also available in original, kids, and maximum strength portable spray.
For more information on Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges and the full line of sore throat relief products, log onto

My Take on the Product
While I had tried the Chloraseptic spray before this was the first time that I had tried the lozenges and I have to say that I was impressed. First of all the lozenges are so much more portable than the lozenges. We always dreaded having to lug around the bottle of spray and the spray always tasted more like medicine than something pleasant. These lozenges tend to turn the table on this and allow for good taste as well as the ability to control the sore throat to occur. Second, I really liked the fact that they had a sugar free option as too often with lozenges, you end up getting hopped up on sugar to only crash soon after you finish the lozenge itself. Overall I was impressed and will be keeping these around the house for future sore throat emergencies!

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