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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PG Tips Tea - A Quality Glass of English Tea

I do not drink coffee, I say it is because I am still waiting for a growth spurt, but in actuality, I never liked the taste. However, on the other hand, I do like tea, and was excited to try out PG Tips Tea from England.

A Little About PG Tips
This company has been around for a long time. I was impressed by the logevity of the company as well as how it moved and adapted with the times.

  • 1869 - The first brew

    Arthur Brooke opens his first shop in Manchester, and its success lays in his sale of reliable tea blends. His big break comes in the late 1870s when a grocer asks for a bulk order of tea at wholesale prices.

  • 1930s - The pre-digestive era

    Arthur Brooke launches in the UK tea market under the name of 'Pre-Gest-Tee'' - suggesting that the tea could be drunk before food was digested. Grocers abbreviate it to PG, and the company adds 'tips' to highlight the fact that PG uses the top two leaves and a bud to make its tea.

  • 1950s - A chimp tea party

    With the launch of independent television, the first PG tips 'chimpanzees' advert appears. The PG tips chimps are soon superstars in their own right.

  • 1960 - It's in the bag

    The makers of PG tips introduce the tea bag to a stunned nation. They catch on quickly and there are reports of mass hysteria. Tea bags soon out-sell loose-leaf tea.

  • 1996 - The 8th wonder of the world

    The makers of PG tips launch the revolutionary PG tips pyramid bags. With more room inside it acts like a miniature teapot, giving the leaves more room to move.

  • 2008 - Green leaves

    PG tips joins forces with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that by 2010 all PG tips tea suppliers meet their high sustainability standards. AND launches its new Green tea range. Phew!

    I also was impressed by the recent commercials from the company as well. They use a monkey sock puppet as well as the same actor in their commercials and they are quite funny, and the two actors in the commercials are something like the odd couple, but the dynamic works!

My Take on the Tea
In opening the box the first thing I noticed was the pyramid shaped tea bags. The tea inside had plenty of room to allow the water to seep in and reach each tiny leaf.

Fresh boiling water is essential. I tried PG Tips singles in a cup and also in a teapot. In both instances the water immediately infused the bag and the beautiful amber color dispersed. I found I did not need more than a minute to create my desired flavor.

I made both hot tea and iced tea from the PG Tips. In each way I found the flavor to be rich and refreshing. The tea itself is picked from Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea bushes, so I'm sure the combination of tea gives PG Tips its distinctive flavor.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys tea to purchase PG Tips, you will definitely get to enjoy a good cup of tea!

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