Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - Yu-Gi-Oh Fourth Seasons 1 & 2

Sunday, March 23, 2014

DVD Review - Yu-Gi-Oh Fourth Seasons 1 & 2

Yu-Gi-Oh Fourth Seasons 1 & 2

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About the DVD
After the conclusion of the Battle City Finals, chaos erupts once again! The three Egyptian God Cards are stolen! A terrifying new villain emerges! And as if things couldn t get any worse, real monsters begin to appear around the world, terrorizing the population! Are these strange events connected, and can they be resolved!? Yugi and the gang better find out... before the planet faces total destruction!

My Take on the DVD
This is a great DVD set for any true fan of this series. Season four was an exciting one and was filled with not only great characters, but with strong writing too. I was excited to receive this and to watch back through the episodes. I had missed some of these episodes while the original season was running, so I was happy to both catch up and re-watch the episodes that I had watched in the past too. On top of this, this DVD had great artwork and much more included in it, and I for one was very impressed.

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