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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Review - The Passion Principle

The Passion Principle
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About the Book
Move beyond the mechanics of sex to a rich and rewarding connection!

God’s desire is for couples to enjoy vibrant sexual relationships without inhibition, awkwardness, fear, resentment, guilt, or shame. With honesty and frankness, life coach and best-selling author Shannon Ethridge opens the minds of both husbands and wives to embrace a lifestyle of passion and pleasure.

Divided into four sections, The Passion Principles helps couples celebrate the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of sexuality. Questions include:

  • What was God thinking when He created sex?
  • Why do humans think about sex so much?
  • Will there be sex in heaven?
  • How did we get such different ideas about sex and love?
  • How can I get past his or her sexual past?
  • How can I help my spouse heal from the sexual abuses he or she suffered?
  • What if my heart is telling me I married the wrong person?
  • How can we balance mismatched sex drives?

Some chapters end with questions for personal contemplation or for couples to use as conversation starters, and other chapters end with prayers that foster a deeper spiritual and emotional connection, making this book a perfect guide to a more passionate love life.

My Take on the Book
The author in this book holds nothing back and allows for the reader to truly examine sexuality in marriage as a spiritual act. This book allows you to look at the fact that the relationship between a man and a woman should be a joyous one that allows both to express themselves completely in front of God.

The book is broken down into four sections that explore all aspects of Sex in a relationship. These sections include: Celebrate The Spiritual Side Of Sex, Celebrate The Mental Side Of Sex, Celebrate The Emotional Side Of Sex, and Celebrate The Physical Side Of Sex.

What was great was that within and after each section you get some very intimate questions that will make you reflect on your own relationship with your significant other, but also will help you connect with scripture too. Both aspects bring you closer to God and allow you to also become closer to your partner.

The book speaks of just about anything you can think of and more and really opened my eyes to my own relationship with my spouse and it will do the same for you too!

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