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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Review - Called To Serve

Called To Serve
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About the Book
Over the past several years, veteran enrollment in universities, community colleges, and vocational programs has increased dramatically, with over a quarter million student veterans taking advantage of military-related educational benefits packages, which have become one of the few remaining federal sources of grant funds for students pursuing higher education. Yet existing literature on the topic harkens back to Vietnam era issues and practices, and current administrators and faculty members likely have little experience serving this population. Significant changes in higher education and wartime military personnel policies in the last 30 years necessitate a fresh look at how colleges and universities can best respond to the needs of student veterans. Examples of contemporary issues include current patterns of multiple deployments and returns and the accompanying stop-out and re-enrollment periods. Costs for students have risen, as have military educational benefit provisions and institutional incentives.

Building upon the long history of educating veterans, this comprehensive volume offers the most up-to-date scholarship and practical program guidance to help student affairs professionals, academic administrators, and faculty understand, serve, and support student veterans. It offers recommendations for enhancing and strengthening current campus efforts in serving veterans, planning additional services or programs, and—perhaps most importantly—coordinating the efforts of potentially disparate campus-based services and programs with community-based or government-sponsored veterans’ programs, services, and affiliated groups.

My Take on the Book
I work with Veteran students at my campus and because of that I was so excited to find a book that helped me to better to understand the Veterans experience. The book was a complete resource and had so much information contained within it and I can tell that I will be using this for many years to come. I actually gained some great ideas form this on how to best connect with and serve out students. I will say that book has a ton in it and as I was going through it, it did take a bit of time to examine everything and I am still going through it and re-reading sections. While some of the information is a bit basic, it was a great resource and something that I am so glad to have found as I know that it will not only help me but that it will help the people that work for me, as I plan to use this as a resource for the professional development of my staff. Our veterans need our help in making the transition to higher education, and this book holds a ton of resources to help all professionals!

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