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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review - Hidden Like Anne Frank

Hidden Like Anne Frank
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About the Book
Fourteen unforgettable true stories of children hidden away during World War II

Jaap Sitters was only eight years old when his mother cut the yellow stars off his clothes and sent him, alone, on a fifteen-mile walk to hide with relatives. It was a terrifying night, one he would never forget. Before the end of the war, Jaap would hide in secret rooms and behind walls. He would suffer from hunger, sickness, and the looming threat of Nazi raids. But he would live.

This is just one of the incredible stories told in HIDDEN LIKE ANNE FRANK, a collection of eye-opening first-person accounts that share what it was like to go into hiding during World War II. Some children were only three or four years old when they were hidden; some were teenagers. Some hid with neighbors or family, while many were with complete strangers. But all know the pain of losing their homes, their families, even their own names. They describe the secret network of brave people who kept them safe. And they share the coincidences and close escapes that made all the difference.

About the Author
Marcel Prins was inspired to create this project by his own mother, who went into hiding in 1942 to escape Nazi persecution. She was just six years old. Marcel Prins is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and cameraman. He lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Peter Henk Steenhuis is a journalist and the philosophy editor for the TROUW daily newspaper in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

My Take on the Book
This was an amazing story of survival as well as an emotional tale of compassion and love set in a tableau of death and terror. The book itself was well written and interspersed with images you really feel that you get to know the people that you are introduced to. The book was well researched and you get to hear the story of Dutch-born people that hid during World War II. I am a student of history and love learning more about our past and this book truly did this in a way that opened my eyes and my heart to these and all of the people that were impacted by the Holocaust.

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