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Friday, March 7, 2014

Book Review - I'll Never Let You Go #giveaway

I'll Never Let You Go

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About the Book
I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO follows the close friendship of Edward, a bear, and his most cherished fuzzy blue friend, his Blankie. They are always together, from taking walks through the park and taking naps, through riding out thunderstorms and going to the doctor’s office. But now, Edward will be going off to school and he’ll need to leave Blankie behind. It’s up to Mama to make Edward realize that those you love will never leave you.

I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO speaks straight to a parent’s heart in the same sweet, thoughtful way that If I Could Keep You Little did, playfully using a Blankie to beautifully illustrate what it means to let your children grow while still keeping them in your heart.

About the Author:
Beloved author and illustrator MARIANNE RICHMOND has touched the lives of millions for nearly two decades through her award-winning books, greeting cards, and other gift products that offer people the most heartfelt way to connect with each other. She lives in the Minneapolis area. Visit

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My Take on the Book
My youngest daughter had a stuffed animal and blanket like the blanket that you see in this story and as she got ready for school you definitely got to see the concerns that she had about leaving her best buddy behind. I enjoyed reading the message as shared here and as my youngest and I read this she also seemed to really enjoy the overall message and even remarked to me "his blanket had a ton of fun when he went to school, does my monkey have fun like this?" It was a touching story that almost all parents will be able to relate to!

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