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Friday, March 7, 2014

Book Review - Daddy Is My Hero

Daddy Is My Hero
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About the Book
At first glance, the daddy in this book seems to be quite average. He cooks, cleans, and plays games with his young son. Like most dads, he doesn't always win and he isn't always right, but in the imaginative eyes of the little boy narrating this sweet story, his daddy is a hero in every way. From capturing and locking up outlaws, to battling greedy dragons, and putting monsters to sleep with a wizard's spell, there's no end to the amazing feats of strength and ingenuity that his father can do! With clever rhyming text and adorably detailed illustration, Daddy Is My Hero is a fitting tribute to every child's first real-life superman...their dad.

About the Author
Jane Massey studied Graphic Design at Kingston University and went on to work for several agencies in London and Hong Kong. Since moving into illustration she has worked on numerous children's books including Let's Play Peek-a-boo! as well as commissions for advertising, packaging and greetings cards. She lives in Brighton with her partner and young son. Dawn Richards is the author of several books for Random House Children's Publishers UK including Duck's Easter Egg Hunt, Little Duck's First Christmas and I Love You, Mummy Duck.

My Take on the Book
This is the perfect story for any father to read to their children. The story shows the love between father and son and shows how a dad can be everything for the child no matter what the time of day or night. I liked that it shows that the dad in the story is not perfect, but is human, and has flaws, as this made me draw even nearer to the story itself. All-in-all this was a wonderful story that I plan to keep sharing with my daughters, and I plan to emulate the dad in this story too, as I also want to be everything for my girls!

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