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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Review - Hello, Moon!

Hello, Moon!
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About the Book
Join a boy and the moon in a fun good night story!

In this perfect read-aloud story, a little boy warms up to the moon at bedtime. They have a sweet rapport, with the boy talking to the moon as if it were any other potential new friend.

The boy asks the moon if it enjoys some of his favorite activities--and they share in some, like pretending to be pirates, together. But then the boy starts to think big. Can the moon see the city? Can the moon see the whole wide world? What are the moon's friends like? Soon the boy grows tired, says good night to the moon, and falls asleep.

My Take on the Book
Francesca Simon Ben Cort has written a sweet story about a child asking the moon questions which illustrate the child's questions about life and his environment. I liked the diversity of the questions.There were no answers. maybe you and your child can discuss the answers together while you read the book. I think the story could lead to some interesting discussions with your child.

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