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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Review - The Hyperlinked Life

The Hyperlinked Life
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About the Book
It’s an age of accelerated information and information overload. The rate and way in which we receive information has changed dramatically: from newspapers and radio and a few nightly news programs to constant news online. We have made our lives available to the world in “tweetable” moments. As much as we try to stop consuming the vast amounts of info coming at us, we wrestle against a paranoia of ‘missing out’ on important information or being out of the loop on something. How can we rest from information, take a Sabbath for our technology or information use? How does this help us to become the right kind of factivist? The onus is more and more on us to find "the truth" and to be aware of our own biases in what we share and don't.

Join Jun Young, an award-winning entrepreneur and communications strategist, and David Kinnaman, the President of Barna Group, in this Barna Frame as they wrestle through what our responsibility looks like in how we read and disseminate information.

My Take on the Book
This was an interesting read that really draws in the interconnection between technology today and the vast amount of information that is shared with all of us on a daily basis and how this impacts us in so many ways. The book, while short, talks about so many different types of social media/other technology. The book covers a ton of ground and even though I knew a bit of what was shared, I was still intrigued and interested in learning about some of the other technology shared as well as the concepts and thoughts about the negative and positive aspects of all of these interconnections. It examines what we may be losing with this technology, but it doesn't hit you over the head by the information.

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